About the ACA

Our Mission

The Acne Cure Alliance (ACA) is a non-profit corporation aimed at finding a cure for acne through the use of progressive and unique treatment approaches to improve acne sufferers’ physical and emotional conditions.

We recognize that the therapeutic options available to acne sufferers have changed little in decades – many acne medicines work only in some subsets of patients, and others have unwanted side effects or tout unrealistic outcomes. The ACA aims to build upon existing knowledge of acne treatments while concurrently building the evidence base for innovative treatment options and complementary paths for the effective prevention of acne. The ACA is committed to sharing the latest in unbiased and evidence-based information on acne, without ties to specific products or corporations.

Our Research

There is still a lot that leading researchers don’t understand about acne, but not for lack of trying! The fact is that no one is completely sure why we get acne. Some studies show that it is genetic, and some believe that androgens (a group of hormones) may play a role. Also, diet and lifestyle factors (exercise, stress, sleep, etc.) might stimulate acne in some people – but much more research needs to be done to definitively understand how diet and lifestyle modifications can help to prevent or treat acne.

Integrative Treatment

As part of our goal of identifying a cure for acne and disrupting existing acne treatment paradigms, we support the educational materials and research of the Acne Treatment and Research Center. This private, acne-specific practice is a first-of-its-kind integrative practice that is dedicated to the application of the latest technology and treatment modalities in an individualized manner for each patient. Importantly, the Acne Treatment and Research Center is led by international thought leader and well-respected dermatologist Dr. Hilary Baldwin.

The Acne Treatment and Research Center is located in Morristown, New Jersey. Their expert staff utilizes an integrative approach to provide acne patients with additional services not typically offered in traditional dermatology clinics. Under the leadership of Dr. Hilary Baldwin, she and her staff foster comprehensive care and counseling for acne sufferers and their families. With the resources of and the individualized approach at the Acne Treatment and Research Center, anyone with acne can benefit from their expertise, treatment offerings and overall care.


The Clear Skin Project is the ACA’s web-based youth outreach portal, which provides millennials with resources to better understand the causes of acne and the various treatment options or procedures available. The Clear Skin Project is not associated with any commercial product and endorses no specific treatment – but provides unbiased and evidence-based information to connect young acne sufferers with each other and with better information.