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BioPharmX reports BPX-01 topical minocycline safely treats acne

December 11, 2015. Healio Dermatology News.

BioPharmX Corp. announced that research shows its topical minocycline formula safely delivers the antibiotic to a layer of skin where acne develops. Results will be presented at the American Society of Cell Biology annual meeting regarding the treatment with BPX-01, the only stable topical hydrophilic topical gel with fully solubilized minocycline, according to a press release. Minocycline is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medicine that has generally been prescribed as an oral medication to treat acne due to its lower resistance rate compared with other antibiotics.

“Our preliminary findings in animals and in vitro human skin indicate that minocycline delivered by BPX-01 is safely absorbed into the skin, reaching the epidermis and the pilosebacious unit where acne develops,” Kin F. Chan, PhD, executive vice president of research and development at BioPharmX, said in the release. “The studies clearly indicated that all doses of BPX-01 were found to be safe and nontoxic for topic use, virtually eliminating risk of undesirable side effects.” Topical acne medications currently available that penetrate the top layer of skin contain less effective antibiotics, the release reported. Because of a lack of availability of effective topical medications, minocycline is generally prescribed as an oral medication. However, high doses of oral minocycline are associated with various side effects, according to the release. The research found that BPX-01 was not sticky and did not occlude or irritate the skin, the release reported.

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