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Minocycline gel shows advantage over oral minocycline in treating acne

November 11, 2016. Healio Dermatology News.

BioPharmX presented results of two studies comparing oral and topical minocycline gel during a poster session at the Skin Disease Education Foundation’s 17th annual Las Vegas Dermatology Seminar. In the first study, daily application of BPX-01 1% topical minocycline gel in 4 weeks was well-tolerated, with patients showing significant reduction in P. acnes bacteria with no detectable minocycline in the plasma, according to a press release from BioPharmX.

A reduction in P. acnes counts without evidence of systemic exposure confirmed prior observations confirmed prior study results that indicated that BPX-01 was effectively delivered into the pilosebaceous units, according to the release. In a second study, daily administration of oral minocycline produced results of high circulating levels of minocycline, according to the release. “These two studies suggest that BPX-01 topical minocycline may have a favorable pharmacokinetic advantage over oral minocycline for the treatment of acne vulgaris,” the press release reported. BioPharmX reports it is conducting a confirmatory phase 2b study to support the results.


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