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A review of available laser and intense light source home devices: A dermatologist’s perspective

Currently, there are multiple home optical devices available on the market. These devices have been approved for the treatment of acne, scars, hair removal, and wrinkles using intense pulsed light, light-emitting diode, heat, infrared, low-level light therapy, and laser. Although studies on home devices are limited, current dermatologic literature shows that these devices are promising with significant post-treatment results as well as a high level of safety.

Home optical devices are mostly used without medical practitioner supervision. As home devices usually deliver less energy per session than with professional treatments, it is important that consumers are given realistic expectations of post-treatment outcomes. Patients may use home devices without disclosure to their physician and it is important as healthcare professionals to be aware of the existence of these devices, how to use the devices properly (including what diseases can be treated and which skin types are considered safe for use), as well as any adverse effects that may occur. New research endeavors are being completed to explore the used of home devices for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis.

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