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Five recent developments in acne

Study findings that a family history of acne and various lifestyle factors were associated with adult acne in women was among recent developments in acne reported on Other recent developments included research finding a combination of a superficial chemical peel, subcision and fractional CO2 laser resurfacing after tumescent anesthesia is a safe and effective treatment for rolling acne scars.

BioPharmX begins enrollment in phase 2b trial of BPX-01 for acne

BioPharmX announced it has begun enrollment of patients in its phase 2b clinical trial measuring the efficacy and safety of BPX-10 for treating acne vulgaris. The OPAL study is a 12-week multi-center, double-blind vehicle-controlled study of BPX-01, a fully solubilized topical minocycline gel that delivers the drug directly to the acne source while avoiding systemic exposure.

BioPharmX updates BPX-01 acne studies, releases Q1 financial results

BioPharmX recently announced financial results for the first quarter ending April 30 and research updates on BPX-01, a topical antibiotic for acne. The specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on dermatology and women’s health announced that it has completed full-patient enrollment in a phase 2a study of BPX-01, which will assess safety of the product in 30 patients, according to a press release.

Five recent developments highlight Acne Awareness Month

June is Acne Awareness Month. Recent developments reported on include research finding that Epiduo Forte Gel displayed significantly greater efficacy when compared with vehicle in treating patients with moderate-to-severe acne, and that a new regimen, called CoMMPlete, effectively reduced acne among a cohort of student athletes.

BioPharmX completes enrollment in study of topical minocycline gel to treat acne

BiopharmX Corp. recently announced in a press release that it has completed enrollment in a phase 2a study of BPX-01, a novel topical minocycline gel to treat acne. “This research is important in the dermatology community, which has been searching for an effective alternative to current oral antibiotic acne treatments,” AnnMarie Daniels, executive vice president of clinical and regulatory affairs for BioPharmX, stated in the release.

BioPharmX reports BPX-01 topical minocycline safely treats acne

BioPharmX Corp. announced that research shows its topical minocycline formula safely delivers the antibiotic to a layer of skin where acne develops. Results will be presented at the American Society of Cell Biology annual meeting regarding the treatment with BPX-01, the only stable topical hydrophilic topical gel with fully solubilized minocycline, according to a press release.